Pierre Whalon
Jan 30, 2024

Superb! I've been fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean since counterpoint class at Boston University, when our avant-garde professor, Hugo Norden, demonstrated how JS Bach and many other composers used it to structure musical compositions.

A lot of people thought Prof. Norden was a little crazy but since then his thesis has been thoroughly proven.

This numerology, as advocated by St Augustine in De musica was one of the reasons radical Protestants banned music from their churches—it was "diabolical".

I waas able to show that Johannes Ockeghem, 15th-century Flemish composer who basically invented the bass line, followed the Fibonacci sequence in his masses, by counting beat points.

What remains fascinating is the connection between mathematics and physical reality, which your article brings out nicely.

Pierre Whalon

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