Good article! I too enjoyed The Good Place, where even demons can be redeemed (technically known as "apokatastasis"), and people work out their issues, albeit not without strife — you didn't mention that. The end is yes very Buddhist, but not unChristian either, if we are talking about the Beatific Vision. Which according to some of the Desert Fathers, is like having a permanent orgasm...

Resurrection however is not resuscitation, but a re-creation in a new universe — a "new heavens and a new earth", in a new body. And I have to wonder what near-death experiences are all about, as well.

I just finished "After" by Bruce Greyson, a scientist who has spent some 50 years collecting and analysing NDEs. He's still wondering, too, but it does seem that NDEs challenge materialist views of consciousness. There is no end to wonder, which is how I interpreted the finale of Good Place. And wonder is where both science and theology begin.

Bishop in charge, Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, 2001–2019. French-American. Musician, composer, author, happily married.

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