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I try to take the train whenever possible. Living in France, it is painful as an American to see the delapidated state of Amtrak rolling stock. Passenger cars with plugs and wires outside the wall, and household wiring to boot! The Acela tilt trains that can't reach their top speed because the angle of tilt required means they don't fit in the tunnels. Locomotives that break down far too often. (Once my train had to change out the locomotive twice. Hours and hours delay...)

Of course, one should blame Republicans who hate Amtrak for throttling its equipment purchase budget. But there is no passenger transportation system that does not require subsidies — including highways and their automobiles.

I want to finish with a shout-out to Amtrak crews, whom I have find to be unfailingly courteous, with a sense of humor, and devoted to train travel.

Your article does not mention a number of significant sources. Paul's epistles for one. The death of James in 62 for another. In fact it is more difficult to argue that Jesus did not exist than that he did. live.

For once I am going to recommend a Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sources_for_the_historicity_of_Jesus

History cannot claim evidence that supports Christian faith, which itself is not based on Jesus' existence. Rather, we accept the basic witness about him of his original followers, and so we are among them.

This article is spot-on. The challenge of having "thinking machines" (as computers were once called) is that they make human thinkers—including the ones who invented them—stop thinking. Definitely the wrong kind of "labor-saving" device…

It isn't only science that suffers, but all cultural products. A word I hate is "influencer." Or heaven help us, "micro-influencer". We need to raise our lis to think for themselves.

As the old slogan goes, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." We are wasting our collective minds on what poils down to entertainment.

I thought this sounded like Wittgenstein... There is a lot of good in this article. You could make clearer that language is a cultural product in constant evolution, not biologically but through what Bernard Lonergan called "the eros of the human spirit". See his "Insight: A Study in Human Understanding" (you'll like chapter 5 on reference frames in physics). And I just finished Guy Deutscher's brilliant and fascinating book on language, "Through the Language Glass".

Pierre Whalon

Pierre Whalon

Bishop in charge, Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, 2001–2019. French-American. Musician, composer, author, happily married. www.pierrewhalon.info